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Electric Car vs Gas Costs: Which Truly Saves You The Most Money?

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There’s no doubt that the future of driving is electric. In fact, Morgan Stanley predicts that 72% of all car sales will be electric by the year 2040. Almost every major automaker has already invested billions of dollars into expanding their electric vehicle lineups. Within 20 years, it will probably be next to impossible to actually buy a brand new car that still runs on plain ole gasoline. Until that day comes, though, the debate between electric car vs gas costs rages on: which one will save you the most money overall?

As we dug into answering the question, we quickly discovered that it wasn’t easy. Most EVs still have higher-than-average starting prices, discouraging plenty of cost-conscious buyers. Then again, regular gas-powered cars don’t come with any tax credits. And then there are factors like auto insurance, general maintenance, and resale value to consider. Oh, and of course we had to weigh the costs of filling up the tank at the gas pump versus charging your EV — either at home or at public charging stations. Here’s how everything breaks down.

This car cost comparison between an electric vehicle and a gas vehicle covers the initial average price of each car, average federal tax credits (typical for electric cars), average annual insurance costs for an EV vs gas car, and average annual maintenance and fuel costs.

electric car vs gar cost which truly save you the money money

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