korean flag

Most Popular Holidays In South Korea


The team at OMG My Seoul created an informal infographic to share the 9 biggestRead More…

Best Dog Breed to Own According to Data


To celebrate National Dog Day today, this infographic by Information is Beautiful used data toRead More…

happy or not

Are You Happy Or Not

Flowcharts, General

A fairly simple and direct infographic about whether you are happy or not. Just inRead More…

smoking is bad

Dangers of Tobacco and How Big Tobacco Is Impacting the World


Smoking is one of the worst and costliest habits a person can have. This infographicRead More…

The Differences Between Cat Owners and Dog Owners


Let me start off by saying I favor dogs over cats, but I will neverRead More…

Am I About to Make a Bad Decision Flowchart

Flowcharts, General

One of my favorite sites released this simple flowchart. I have a small, laminated printoutRead More…

How to Avoid A Hangover After Too Many Drinks


If you are like most adults, at some point you have had one to manyRead More…

Top 40 Company Brand Logos with Hidden Messages

Business, General, OMG Infographics Favorites

I am a big fan of this infographic because it is just really fascinating. ItRead More…

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