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Why Do People Follow or Like a Brand in Social Media

This is an interesting infographic because it confirms what many already knew before social media became a big part of [&hellip

The History of Social Media Networks

Social media has made a big impact in how we use the internet.  That’s obvious.  The folks at Online Schools [&hellip

Problem Solving Flow Chart-Is It Fcked Up?

Finally! A flow chart that will help you determine if you are royally fcked.  There are many variations of the [&hellip

The Difference Between Men and Women – Thought Process of Buying

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you probably know that there’s a big difference in the buying process of [&hellip

Dropped Food on the Floor – To Eat or Not to Eat

I’m so glad I came across this brilliant flow chart by the San Francisco Weekly Foodie crew.  No more will [&hellip

How Not to Look Like a Dbag Wearing a Ballcap

Have you always wondered how to properly wear a ballcap?  There seems to be confusion on how to wear one [&hellip