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Social Media Periodic Table and Periodic Table of Social Media Marketing Elements

4 May 2010 by OMGInfographics, 6 Comments »

The most popular social media table is the one created by Rick Liebling at Eyecube, but there’s another one out there created by the folks at that gives a big picture view of social media marketing elements.

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Periodic Table of Social Media Elements

I consider this to be the “original” social media periodic table.  Rick did a great job of including “social media behaviors”, “social media tools”, and “social media practices”, but hate how he included specific people to his social media table.  The list is obviously biased, but to be fair, Rick did state that this table was not scientific.  So what do the other “elements” mean?  You can check out Rick’s post where he provides a legend.

(periodic table of social media elements legend source)

Social Media Periodic Table

This version of the social media table is more accurate, covers a wider range of social media marketing elements, and looks like there’s been more time spent researching and evaluating certain social media tools and elements.  One of the best social media infographics I’ve come across.

(social media marketing elements table image credit)

Both social media infographics are incredibly informative and both obviously spent a lot of time creating the tables.  What do you think of these social media periodic tables?

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