The Thought Process of a Man and Woman During an Argument

27 May 2010 by OMGInfographics, 1 Comment »

Here is an exaggerated look at how different the thought processes between a man and a woman really are when they engage in an argument.  Maxim was clearly trying to have fun and I applaud their efforts.  I certainly can’t argue with some of the paths in this flow chart.  Check out another exaggerated look between the opposite sex, this time it’s about the thought process of buying.

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Thought process of a man during an argument:

Thought process of a woman during an argument:

(how men and women argue source)

Side-by-side comparison:

Are there any more comparison flow charts between men and women? Maybe one that is actually created by each gender instead of what seems like a guy writing from both perspectives. Either way, it’s entertaining.

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