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Dropped Food on the Floor – To Eat or Not to Eat

29 Apr 2010 by OMGInfographics, 2 Comments »

I’m so glad I came across this brilliant flow chart by the San Francisco Weekly Foodie crew.  No more will I have to confuse myself with the inner monologue that happens when I drop a piece of food on the floor.  Now I can just bust out this flow chart and be on my way.  Nom nom nom (or not).

If you create or come across any interesting or funny infographics, contact me.

If you can admit to using this flow chart, say aye.  Otherwise, you should print this, laminate and use it for reference later.  It will come in handy.  Trust.

(food advice flow chart image credit)

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  • Jayenne Montana

    > did your cat lick it > yes > is your cat healthy > yes > eat it.

    heehee – loving it.