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The Difference Between Men and Women – Thought Process of Buying

30 Apr 2010 by OMGInfographics, 12 Comments »

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you probably know that there’s a big difference in the buying process of the opposite sex.  An insightful look into the minds of how one reaches a buying decision has now been revealed by Go Banking Rates in an easy to follow flow chart.  While I’m on the subject about the difference between men and women, I’ve also included a couple video clips from the “Harvard Sailing Team” where the sketch comedy group cleverly acts out “girls acting like boys” and “boys acting like girls”.  OMGtastically hilarious to the nth degree.

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Harvard Sailing Team Sketch Comedy Group – 2 Videos

Girls Will Be Boys

Boys Will Be Girls

Funny shit right?  What did you think about the buying process chart and the sketches?  Were the men funnier or the women?

(buying decision flow chart image credit)

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  • Jo White

    OMG My husband of 40 years and I just watched this.  You nailed it.  I am a retired high school teacher and he is a retired Wing Commander who flew F-16′s now a local judge.  He said he has people in his court that act just like that, in reverse of course.  I am writing a piece for our local paper for a column I have written for 17 years.  I could never have thought of anything this funny and true.  Congratulations.  I will give your group credit in my column and have others web it in for laughts.  Jo White, Edgewood, New Mexico