Influence and Psychology of Color in Marketing and Design

29 Jun 2011 by OMGInfographics, 4 Comments »

The influence of color and how color can impact one’s perception of a brand, its logo, and purchasing decisions by consumers is fascinating to me.  I find the psychology of color to be an intriguing study so I found two of the most informative infographics on the subject by Tech King and KISSmetrics.   Of particular interest is the first infographic that has  a list of websites that gets the most web traffic and the colors that these sites incorporate.

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#1 – The Psychology of Color Infographic

the psychology of color

(the psychology of color source)

#2 How Colors Affect Purchases Infographic

art of persuasion how colors affect purchases

(how colors affect consumers source)

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  • Mdbijon

    so nice tips and  more information thanks…

  • Quentin McJones

    Love the article! I came across an infographic similar to this topic earlier today! Check it out here,

    It talks all about the psychology of color! I think it’s brillant! :D

  • OMGInfographics

    Quentin, that’s a really good one too. I might have to post that. Are you the owner of the site?