Problem Solving Flow Chart-Is It Fcked Up?

27 May 2010 by OMGInfographics, No Comments »

Finally! A flow chart that will help you determine if you are royally fcked.  There are many variations of the problem solving flow chart.  The original is said to have come from the Navy and it’s been mentioned in the book called Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson.   In addition to the “original”, Boing Boing compiled a couple other variations.

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The “Original” Problem Solving FlowSheet from the book Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson

Problem Solving Flowchart Variation 1

Problem Solving Flowchart Variation 2

(problem solving flowsheet source)

Yep, I know I know, you’re welcome.  Now you have a clear understanding if you’re going to have to take one for the team or bail and run like hell.  If you’ve shrunk any of the above flowcharts to a wallet size and laminated it say ‘aye’.  Aye!  Are there any more variations of the problem solving flowsheet?  Have you seen any posted at work or school?

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