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About OMGInfographics

If you’re like me, you’re probably a visual person.  You learn more effectively by visually seeing the information being relayed to you.  As a result, this blog was born.

What separates this blog from the thousands of others infographics related blogs?

In all honesty, I created this blog actually more for myself than for what is turning out to be a passionate community of infographic fans.  I wanted a place where I can easily store and reference my favorite infographics.   As a result, I don’t give preference to certain subjects, countries, or companies.  You will notice advertisments on this site so that I can pay for hosting, but I am doing this out of pure enjoyment.  I don’t own an infographic design firm so I have no personal agenda in creating this blog.  I hope this unbiased view will keep you coming back for more.  If this site becomes one of your top resources for your infographic needs, I’ve achieved my goal.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find this site useful.

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  • Deannal Agason

    I like this site.But I have submitted my infographic.But i haver not got publish it.So please tell me how can i get a publish my infographic in this site??

  • OMGInfographics

    Deannal, I cannot guarantee that infographics will be posted. There is a buy option on the contact me page where you will be given immediate consideration. If I do not end up posting your infographic, I will refund the entire amount. Thank you for visiting.

  • http://www.easylowfatrecipes.com/ Paula Mcfree

    How could I post my Infographic?Is there any payment will get before posting? Thank’s!